Gold Showed little reaction to widely expected 0.25% Fed rate hike

Gold Price was moederately higher during US trading Wednesday and only showed little initial reaction to the US central bank raising its main interest rate by 25 basis points. The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) said that the US economy is growing moderately in the statement. Traders would like to see if Fed Chair…

The debate over more rate hike at the Fed was intense.

Federal official vigorously discussed if rate hike will be continued or not accordingly to minutes from the most recent meeting. Some Federal officals believed that it would be important to monitor closely the potential effects of banking-sector developments on credit conditions and economic activity. While it is not clear when Federal officials plan to have…


金价今早曾经急升接近每盎司2050美元,但因利润回吐而下跌近20美元。上周,美国联邦储备委员会宣布加息0.25个百分点。一般来说,更高的利率通常对黄金等贵金属不利,使其作为替代投资选择的吸引力降低。然而,停顿或结束加息或有可能会再次推动金银市场看涨。 全球投资者目前正在密切关注拜登和国会领导人在美国债务上限僵局以及潜在的银行危机问题。这两个因素将在美国和全球经济增长上产生重大影响。美国市场的不确定性将促使投资者转向避险资产-黄金市场。 图片来源:

Gold nearly reached USD 2,050 per oz

Gold spiked to nearly USD 2,050 per troy ounce this morning amid the US inflation report, then dropped nearly USD 20 per oz on profit taking. Lask week, US Federal Reserve announed a rate hike of 0.25 percenrage point. In general, higher interest rates are typically bearish for yellow metals – Gold and make precious…

Gold above USD 2,000 per troy oz again

Gold is above USD 2,000 per troy oz solidly on Wednesday amid the disappointing data of US job market. The weak economic reports and uncertaintly in the global investment sentiment support the gold hanging near a one-yaer high. The waek job data in US signaling that the US econimy is heading for a sharp slowdown.