Switzerland’s gold shipments export fell to 10-month lows as gold price surged since April

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According to Swiss customs data, Switzerland’s gold shipments to China, India and Turkey fell in April and dropped to 10-month lows amid a surge in gold price.

Switzerland is a global transit hub for gold, which is why the country’s customs export data is often used as a market gauge and an analysis which counties are purchasing gold and when.

Swiss gold exports fell to 112,975 kg in April from March’s 147,707 kg. Gold shipments to Hong Kong were at around 5,000 kg – the lowest level since November. Gold Price surged above USD 2,000 an ounce in April. Analysts believe that a surge of gold price wight on Asian demand, which is price-sensitive. 

Recently, China and India are the world’s top gold customers. Turkeys’demand on gold has increased recently because of the high inflation and the depreciating of its own currency. 



由于金价自 4 月以来飙升,瑞士的黄金出口量跌至 10 个月低点



4 月份瑞士黄金出口量从 3 月份的 147,707 公斤降至 112,975 公斤。数据显示,运往香港的黄金数量约为 5,000 公斤,为 11 月以来的最低水平。黄金价格在 4 月份飙升至每盎司 2,000 美元以上。分析人士认为,金价飙升打压了对价格敏感的亚洲需求。



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Gold nearly reached USD 2,050 per oz

Gold spiked to nearly USD 2,050 per troy ounce this morning amid the US inflation report, then dropped nearly USD 20 per oz on profit taking.

Lask week, US Federal Reserve announed a rate hike of 0.25 percenrage point. In general, higher interest rates are typically bearish for yellow metals – Gold and make precious metals less attractive as an alternate investment. However, a pause or an end to the rate hikes may send the bullion markets bullish again.

Global investers currently are watching closely in the standoff in Biden and congressional leaders over the US debt ceiling and also a potential banking crisis. Both factors will weight heavily with the US and global econimic growth. And the uncertainty in the US markets will push investors turn to the haven asset – gold market.

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Gold above USD 2,000 per troy oz again

Gold is above USD 2,000 per troy oz solidly on Wednesday amid the disappointing data of US job market. The weak economic reports and uncertaintly in the global investment sentiment support the gold hanging near a one-yaer high. The waek job data in US signaling that the US econimy is heading for a sharp slowdown.

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More and more people are beginning to see Art investment as a valuable and consider it as a reliable long-term asset. One of the reasons is arts holds its value over time and has a tendency to grow steadily even the other markets fluctuated significantly.

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