Gold steadies but still heads for a drop

Gold steadies but still heads for first monthly drop Wednesday as the US House of Representatives appeared poised to pass a bill to raise the US debt ceiling. The House is expected to vote Wednesday Evening to raise debt ceiling and leaders of both Republicans and Democrats indicate that the measure has eought votes to…

Cash levels at the US Treasury are down toward a dangerously low level

Cash levels at the US trseasurt are going down toward a dangerously low level because Washington are still struggling to raise the debt ceiling until the last minutes. As of May 25, Treasury had just USD 38.8 billion in cash and earing the bare minimum level of USD 30 billion. If Congress doesn’t raise the…

Debt Deal Starts to Take Shape

Debt deal takes shape to raise limit. Biden administration insists that there won’t be a debt default. But the market is still watching the US government’s spending in the next three years and having concerns about whether the US government will run out of cash again. 债务议题取得初步共识,拜登政府强调不会让债务违约。但市场仍在关注美国政府未来3年的支出,担心美国政府是否会再次耗尽现金。

Breaking News: US Debt Talk

US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says still far apart on debt talk but can get to yes. And he doesn’t want default. There won’t be a default. 美国众议院议长麦卡锡先生表示,在债务问题上仍有很大分歧,但预期可以达成共识。他表示不想债务违约,并认为不会违约。