Kim Jong Un’s meeting with Vladimir Putin

北韩领导人金正恩会见俄罗斯领导人普京 Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin have meeting today at Russian space centre. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that Kremlin says Kim and Putin will not sign documents, but may discuss “sensitive areas, such as military interaction” The meeting was held closed-door for more than an hour at Russia’s space rocket launch site. Peskov…

US commerce secretary said that US government has “open lines of communication” with China.

美国商务部长表示,美国政府与中国有“开放的沟通渠道” Raimonda, US commerce secrerary concluded a four-day visit to China, the world’s second largest economic power last week. She is the fourth cabinet member to visit China this year and the first commerce secretary to visit China in five years. She reiterated that culticating the USD 700 billion bilateral relationship is valuable not just…

The world is big enough for both the United States and China to live together

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellan said that the talks with Premier Li Qiang and Communist Party chief of China’s central bank Pan Gongsheng was direct, substantive, and productive. Yellen’s trip marked the second visit by a US cabinet offical to the Beijing in a matter of weeks. “No one visit will solve our challenges overnight….

Debt Deal Starts to Take Shape

Debt deal takes shape to raise limit. Biden administration insists that there won’t be a debt default. But the market is still watching the US government’s spending in the next three years and having concerns about whether the US government will run out of cash again. 债务议题取得初步共识,拜登政府强调不会让债务违约。但市场仍在关注美国政府未来3年的支出,担心美国政府是否会再次耗尽现金。

China’s Last Emperor’s wristwatch sold for US 5 Million

A Patek Philippe wristwatch once owned by the Chinese last emperor of Qing dynasty, Aisin-Groro Puyi – sold for USD 5.1 million hammer at an auction in Hong Kong Tuesday. The Patek Philippe Reference 96 Quantieme Lune, which is one of just eight known to exist according to Philipps acution house which handled the sale….